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Organic Plant-Based Plant Food & Fertilizer with Worm Castings (Veggies, Flowers, Herbs)

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Discover the Pinnacle of Organic Gardening: Flower & Veggie Garden Plant Food with Worm Castings 🌱🌸

Gardeners, welcome to the zenith of your gardening journey, where the fusion of science and nature brings forth the ultimate solution for your vegetable, flower, and herb gardens.

Crafted by a seasoned microbiologist with over three decades of experience and a burning passion to empower gardeners worldwide, our Flower and Veggie Garden Plant Food with Worm Castings is not just a product—it's a revolution in organic gardening!

The Essence of Harmonic Balance 🌀✨

This all-in-one nutrition powerhouse is designed to instill a harmonic balance within your soil, allowing your plants to fully express their vigor and vitality.

Envision your garden thriving with bigger, stronger plants that yield more nutritious fruits, vegetables, and herbs, all while maintaining an impeccable resistance to pests and fungal threats.  That's EXACTLY what this product does...

Witness Transformation Within Minutes ⏱️🌿

Imagine being able to see a visible change in your plants within just 45 minutes of application.

This game-changing formula ensures that from seed germination to maturity, every stage of your plant's life cycle is supported and enhanced.

A Symphony of 120 Ingredients 🌾🔬

Our sustainable and regenerative plant food comprises an astounding array of 120 ingredients, including wild-harvested cold water sea kelp, mycorrhiza, and premium organic worm castings, alongside a full spectrum of usable minerals and trace elements.

This potent mix not only revitalizes any soil it touches but also turns it into a thriving sanctuary for your plants.

Beyond Ordinary Nutrition 🚀🍅

Most soils, even those that are organically certified, can be deficient in essential minerals.

Our plant food addresses this gap, enriching your soil with a complete profile of nutrients that are 100% available to your plants....they are pre-digested!

This means your green friends can focus their energy on growth rather than the laborious task of mineral conversion.  This is key element of it's magic...

The Power of Organic Worm Castings 💪

The inclusion of organic worm castings in our formula isn't just a touch; it's a transformative force that supercharges the entire blend, making the combination nothing short of miraculous for your garden.

Elevate with Electroculture & More ⚡🌻

Combine our organic plant food with cutting-edge gardening techniques like Electroculture, paramagnetic towers, and structured water to unlock the full bounty that nature has to offer.  Sit back and watch nature work for you and your family!

It's about ensuring your plants—and you—receive the best nutrition possible.


Safe, Sustainable, & Supreme 🌍🌟

Our formula is a testament to purity and safety, devoid of any harmful substances like PFAs, microplastics, heavy metals, or any animal-based meals.

It's perfect for every stage of plant growth, from a potent seed starter to a comprehensive growth enhancer, without the risk of burning your plants.

Brix Levels Redefined 📈🥕

Did you know that the nutritional value of most store-bought produce is often minimal?

Most store bought fruits and vegetables have a Brix level in the single digits (4-8). Our plant food promises to elevate your home-grown veggies and herbs to Brix levels as high as 80, ensuring your body benefits from the highest nutritional value possible.

Soil Regeneration & pH Balancing 🌱🔄

Our plant food doesn't just feed your plants; it rejuvenates your soil, breathing life into even the most depleted or contaminated grounds.

By continually introducing our blend into your soil, you'll witness an exponential increase in microbial life and overall soil health, adaptable to any soil type.

Additionally, our formula naturally adjusts and balances soil pH levels with each feeding, optimizing plant health and productivity.

Easy to Use & Versatile 🥄💧

Our 10 oz biodegradable bag yields an impressive 80 gallons of mixed plant food, suitable for both traditional gardening and hydro setups.

Simply dissolve and let your plants enjoy the full spectrum of nutrients they deserve.

Transform Your Gardening Practice Today 🚀🌼

Embrace the future of organic gardening with our Flower and Veggie Garden Plant Food with Worm Castings.

It's more than just plant food; it's a commitment to sustainable, healthful gardening practices that reward you with the most vibrant, nutritious, and bountiful harvests you've ever experienced.

Join the organic revolution and let your garden become a testament to the power of nature's finest ingredients. 🌱🌟

How to Apply the Organic Plant Food / Fertilizer 🌿🌱🌿

Seed Germination: With a paper towel on a plate, spread your seeds on top of the paper towel, then apply another paper towel on top of your seeds.

Spray or pour a small amount of the plant food mix you've created on the top of the paper towel so that it's moist without excessive water on the plate. Then simply watch the magic happen.

Your seeds will thank you for it in abundance at harvest time! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

For Plants: Use the plant food mix you've created to water the soil at the base of your plants as you would normally water them.

Use the plant food daily for 2 weeks, then you can use it once a week for 4 weeks, then use it every 2 weeks from there, throughout your growing season. 🍅🍅🍅

🌈 Your soil will come back into harmonic balance and your plants will thrive with ease and grace.

Let Abundance Flow! 

New to Electroculture? Watch this video to learn how it works!

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