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PlantSurge Magnetic Water Device for Gardens & Farms (Up to 3X Plant Growth)

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Why Choose PlantSurge for Your Garden?

Plants Thrive

Harness the Power of Magnetic Water to Boost Plant Health & Vegetable & Fruit Yields.


Easy Installation

It's as Simple as Clicking it onto Your Garden Hose or Watering Can. Easy As 1, 2, 3...

Lifetime Warranty

PlantSurge Comes With a Lifetime Warranty So You & Your Plants Will Be Covered.

PlantSurge + Electroculture is A Gardening Game-Changer!


"PlantSurge is like magic in a bottle!"

"My plants are flourishing, and the overall garden aesthetics have greatly improved. I'm beyond impressed!"

- Isabel J.

Watch Your Garden Flourish with PlantSurge

Viola plants tested outdoors showed a 433% increase in flowers.

Cyclamen plants tested outdoors show a 52% increase in flowers.

Orchid plants tested indoors show a 25% increase in flowers.

Cyclamen plants tested indoors show a 25% increase in flowers.

Pansy plants tested outdoors show an 80% increase in flowers.

Why Gardeners Love the PlantSurge Magnetic Water Device:


• Magnetic Marvel for Robust Roots: Unlock explosive plant growth with magnetic water that invigorates root systems with water that is aligned with nature.


Plant Growth On Steriods: It supercharges nutrient absorption, ensuring your plants receive a hearty feast and promoting important root strength.


• Bigger Yields & Harvests: With PlantSurge, your garden becomes a place where vegetables and fruits thrive and deliver harvests that exceed expectations.🌿


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Picture your garden, where each plant's roots reach deep into the earth, tapping into a wellspring of nourishment.


That's the magnetic allure of PlantSurge – transforming your garden into a subterranean powerhouse, fueling growth from the ground up.


Say goodbye to feeble roots and hello to a subterranean symphony of vitality.


With PlantSurge, your plants will establish a foundation so strong, it's practically a magnetic force field against stunted growth..


Combine Plant Surge with Electroculture and you'll see even more of an improvement in your garden!






• No Gardening Experience Required: PlantSurge's magnetic water device is designed with beginners in mind, ensuring that anyone can set it up with ease.

• Click...And It's Ready: Whether you use it on your garden hose, watering can, or kitchen faucet, you'll be magnetizing your garden in seconds!


• Watering Made Easy: Instantly upgrade your gardening skills and revel in the joy of a garden that flourishes effortlessly.


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Say goodbye to lackluster leaves and embrace a magnetic makeover that turns every leaf into a work of art.


Experience a garden metamorphosis with PlantSurge's magnetic water device, where the transformation from novice to gardening guru happens in mere minutes.


The installation process is as easy as one, two, three – connect, activate, and watch your garden come to life.


It's like having a gardening mentor on standby, guiding you through the steps to a garden that thrives with minimal effort.


See for yourself what is possible!



• Your Biggest Harvests Yet: Experience a quantum leap in your garden's productivity as PlantSurge's magnetic water device unleashes the power magnetized water.

  • • Unimaginable Flavor: By enhancing nutrient uptake, this magnetic water ensures that your fruits and vegetables are bursting with flavor and nutritients.
  • • Food Sovereinty Awaits: Say farewell to lackluster yields and hello to a luscious garden of brilliance with PlantSurge. 🌿📈

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PlantSurge goes beyond typical watering—it's a nutrient infusion that turns your garden into a nutrient-rich haven.


Brace yourself for a harvest that not only fills your baskets but also delights your taste buds with an intensity that defines PlantSurge's magnetic touch.


Each plump fruit and vibrant vegetable embodies a nutrient-dense bounty that stands as a testament to the magnetic brilliance of PlantSurge—a brilliance that transforms your garden into a nutrient-rich paradise, ensuring every bite is a celebration of health and vitality.


Envision a garden that doesn't just produce, but keeps on giving. PlantSurge's magnetic touch strengthens your plants, making them resilient to environmental challenges and ensuring a continuous supply of fresh, delicious vegetables and fruits that extend the joy of harvest throughout the seasons..


This one-time investment delivers value for you and your family for years to come!




• Performance Design with Earth in Mind: Plantsurge takes a leap towards sustainability by incorporating 34% recycled ocean plastic in its construction.


• 100% WeatherProof: Rugged and flexible all at the same time so PlantSurge can deliver amazing magnetic water to your garden for years to come.


• Intentions that Change Everything: Thrive Garden & PlantSurge are committed to helping humanity usher in abundance and freedom for everyone.

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Join us on a mission to create freedom and food sovereighnty for every human on Earth.


By working together, buying products from sellers that have an intention to share love and abundance with all of humanity, we take a step closer to that reality.


Also, know that Thrive Garden plants 3 trees for every order placed on our website. This is one way we are committed to serving our fellow humans and Mother Earth too.


Join us on this beautiful journey!


• Efficient Use of Water: PlantSurge's magentic water optimizes water absorption, ensuring each drop is utilized efficiently by your plants.


• More Abundance, Less Watering: This magnetic magic reduces the need for frequent watering, letting you enjoy a garden that flourishes with minimal water consumption.



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With PlantSurge, your garden becomes a beacon of sustainable brilliance, as the magnetic water device promotes soil retention and reduces runoff.


This means less water lost to evaporation or drainage, resulting in a garden that thrives with eco-conscious hydration.

Imagine a garden that not only conserves water but also thrives on it.


PlantSurge's magnetic water brilliance ensures that every drop contributes to the sustained hydration of your plants, making water conservation a seamless and eco-friendly part of your gardening routine.


By promoting efficient nutrient absorption, it extends the time between watering sessions, allowing you to savor the joys of gardening without the constant need for a watering can.


Innovation that ushers in more abundance and supports the restoration of natural resources!


Powered by Magnets, Proven by Science & Endorsed by Gardening Professionals!


‘’I’ve gone off in a new direction on watering in recent days, I’m trying out a Plantsurge that clips on to the hose or water pipe.


I’m fascinated that my plants might be able to absorb water more efficiently.’’


"I have been putting my plants to the test with Plantsurge, this clever device harnesses the power of magnets and it is really good to see the results first hand.


The plants given Plantsurge water have produced far more flowers than those given tap water. The difference between the blooms is pretty staggering.


Who would have thought magnetized water would make such a difference!"


"In my research trials with PlantSurge I found a significant improvement in flower counts, with some varieties tending to flower for longer periods of time.


There are noticeable variances which includes larger foliage, speed of flowering and general health of the plants."


📋 Click to see the research report...


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Single PlantSurge Magnetic Water Device

So simple and effective...Your plants will love you more the moment your order arrives. Add it to your garden hose or watering can and in minutes your plants will be singing!

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3-Pack PlantSurge Magnetic Water System Starter Kit

You'll want a Plant Surge device on every garden hose and watering can you have to make it easy to magnetize your plants with ease. Front of home, backyard, greenhouse too!

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PlantSurge XL for Larger Pipes & Farms

Are you in a farm environment or have larger pipes for your garden? PlantSurge XL is what you need to magnetize water passing through larger pipes.


  • In this bundle you get...1 XL Unit for 1" or Larger Pipes & 3 Standard PlantSurge Units!


List Price: $588.50

Sold out

(You Save $109.50)

PlantSurge XL + 3 Unit Bundle

Bring magnetic water to every edge of your home, greenhouse, or farmland for faster, more robust plant growth year after year!


PlantSurge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does PlantSurge Revolutionize Garden Water Systems with Magnetic Technology?

PlantSurge is a game-changer in the world of garden water systems, introducing magnetic innovation to elevate your gardening experience. By harnessing the power of magnets instead of traditional chemicals, it conducts a symphony in your water, preventing limescale buildup while ensuring the retention of vital minerals and nutrients. Your garden isn't just receiving water; it's basking in a magnetic serenade, a testament to the care and innovation behind PlantSurge.

What Size of Garden Hoses Are Compatible with PlantSurge?

PlantSurge isn't just a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a dance partner for your hoses. Picture a dance floor tailored to your garden's needs – PlantSurge effortlessly synchronizes with standard USA 5/8th inch household garden hoses and ¾”-inch garden hoses, ensuring that your garden hose moves in seamless harmony with the magnetic excellence of PlantSurge.

Can I Integrate PlantSurge with Rainwater Butts or Water Containers?

PlantSurge opens the doors to a magnetic garden soiree, and you're on the VIP list! Whether you're collecting rainwater in a butt or elegantly pouring from your favorite watering can, PlantSurge effortlessly mingles with your preferred watering style, bringing a touch of magnetic style to every drop.

How Simple is the Installation Process for PlantSurge?

Prepare for a garden spectacle with PlantSurge – it's not just about water; it's about creating a magnetic masterpiece. The installation is a breeze, taking less than 10 seconds, ensuring that your garden takes center stage without the fuss of complex setups.

How Long Does the Magnetized Water Effect Last in Water Cans or Containers?

Picture this – the magnetic allure of PlantSurge isn't just a momentary thrill; it's a lasting embrace for your plants. In water cans or containers, this enchanting effect typically lasts between one to two days, ensuring that your garden experiences the benefits of magnetic serenity beyond the initial treatment.

How Safe Is The Magnetic Field Coming From PlantSurge?

Safety first, magic second – that's the PlantSurge way. While PlantSurge enchants your garden with magnetic wonders, rest assured it's all safe vibes. A friendly heads up for those with pacemakers: let the magic stay away from the heart, and as for credit cards, keep them away from the magnetic dance floor to avoid any unexpected moves.

Do I Need To Buy Batteries Or Use Electric Power To Charge Up PlantSurge?

PlantSurge isn't just a garden rockstar; it's a low-maintenance one. No need for power cords or battery scavenger hunts – PlantSurge runs on pure magnetic passion. It's the carefree solution your garden deserves, allowing you to enjoy the show without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Can I Leave PlantSurge Outside All Year Round?

Meet your garden superhero – PlantSurge! Come rain or shine, it's ready for action. Fully weatherproof and rustproof, PlantSurge stands tall as the all-weather companion your garden can rely on, thriving in every season and ensuring your garden is always in top form.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee Or A Damage Replacement Guarantee With PlantSurge?

Oh, absolutely! We're so confident in PlantSurge's magic that we offer a no-questions-asked 365-day full money-back guarantee. It's your ticket to a garden full of wonders, and we stand by it. Plus, if it happens to take a tumble during its magical journey to you, we'll send a free replacement your way.

How Much Ocean Recycled Plastic Is In The PlantSurge Device?

Let your garden ride the waves of sustainability with PlantSurge! Crafted with a minimum of 34% ocean plastic, it's not just a water system; it's a conscious choice for a greener garden. Picture your garden flourishing, not just with plants but with a wave of eco-fabulousness.

Do I Put The Red End Down Or Up When I Clamp The PlantSurge On The Garden Hose?

Get ready for a magnetic dance party in your garden! For the most enchanting performance, PlantSurge prefers to showcase all four red squares together when you clip it to your hose. It's not just about the moves; it's about creating a magnetic masterpiece that turns your garden into a stage for botanical brilliance.

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